Know Before You Go: SAN FRANCISCO.

Good For: All Ages.

When to go: Year-round destination. July and August are cool and foggy but it adds a certain charm to the city. Always bring clothes to cover all four seasons, as the weather can be unpredictable.

Budget: $300 Per day for a family four (including food, lodging and transportation)

Food: San Francisco, also known as the “foodie city,” has a lot of kid friendly restaurants. The food scene is extreme diverse . Food is fresh and often organic.

Lodging: Most hotels in San Francisco will provide “pack&plays”, a type of folding crib.

Health: List of Pediatricians and Urgent Care Services

Transportation: -Public transportation is the best way to move around in San Francisco. It is fast, goes pretty much everywhere and can be super fun if you get to ride one of the cable cars or old fashioned street cars.

-Uber is a good alternative to public transportation if you need to get somewhere fast or at night. The service is very competitive pricewise, and much cheaper than taxis.

-Car Rental is not ideal in San Francisco, the major problem being parking. In most neighborhoods finding a spot can be a real nightmare, and private parking get really expensive. If you do choose this mean of transportation, don’t forget to turn your wheel  toward the curb if you park downhill and the opposite way in you’re uphill, or you could get a ticket.  Metermaids abound, so keep the meter topped off.


For Formula, diapers & Wipes: Walgreen, CVS

For Food Pouch, Snacks, Yogurt: Safeway, Mollie Stones

For organic produce: Whole Foods, Andronico’s, Rainbow.


Urban Sitter: I used it myself and have found a wonderful nanny. To save you some time, try to find someone near where you’re staying and that have 10-20 reviews. When they have more than that, they tend to be super busy and don’t update their calendar as much.

Sensible Sitters: I know the founder and totally trust her judgement and the quality of the service she offers.


Baby’s Away: 800-261-4847 or 415-860-8789, email:

Little 1-877-FLYBABY  or  415-447-0685 or 510-455-0894, email:

Travellingbaby 1-800-304-4866, email:


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