How To Survive A Flight With Bébé

It is a moment every new parent dreads: flying with bébé. Most of us have experienced a screaming baby on a flight or an agitated toddler kicking the back of your seat…And now this little creature might be yours. You’re freaking out. Here are some tips I learned along the way to help you deal with these hours in the air.

Assume your baby is not going to sleep

This way, if he does you’ll be ecstatic! And if he does not, you won’t get angry and anxious. I will never forget the first time I flew to France from California with my daughter, Celeste. She was eight months old and slept 30 minutes on a 9 hour, overnight flight. I was so obsessed with her sleeping that I spent seven hours trying to make her fall asleep. She only wanted to stand up in her bassinet.

Bring a lot of snacks

I am very adamant about feeding Celeste four times a day and avoiding snacking, probably a result of my French education…but on the plane screw that rule! If all the other ideas I have for calming down bébé fail, I give her a cracker, some milk or whatever she’ll take.

Make friend with other parents

We are all in it together. Even if your kids have very different ages, they can still entertain each other. The best place for that is usually the back of the plane.

Bring new toys

New toys usually keep bébé interested a little longer than her usual ones. Among my favorite, finger puppets because they are super easy to carry.

Have a baby carrier 

The only way Celeste would get some sleep is tucked in the baby carrier. I then have to rock her up and down usually using one hand under her butt and repeating “shhhh” in rhythm.

If you guys have any other tips to add to this list, please let mo know by leaving a comment or sending an email.

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