Packing List: The Essentials

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The big day is coming. You’re caught up in the daily work/family routine and you don’t really have a moment to sit down and think about what you need to pack. Here is a list of essentials very much-needed in pretty much any trip you take regardless the destination and the length of the trip.

  • Zip loc 

    Multipurpose tool, comes handy to organise the diaper bag, carry open biscuit package, store cutlery or extra bottle tips clean or dirty, use as trash. I love the zipper on this one.

  • More diapers than you think  

    I usually take 1 diaper/ 2 hours. Think about using these night diapers during flight. They can handle so much liquid, perfect for endless turbulence.

  • Snack 

    Three good options here. I have never seen a bébé resisting these yogurt drops.  Food pouch can also be great during flights, no need to have a spoon, plus they bring a feeling of hydration to bébé, I don’t know about you but I always grave for a soup when I am up in the air. If you use formula, think about individual powder milk stick (Enfamil sells 4 ounces one.)

  • Hand sanitizer

    Not much to say about it besides it’s amazing and very much-needed everywhere !

  • Plastic bib

    Wipe it and it’s clean again ! I like the look of these ones, plain bright colors without any funky animal or writing.


  • Two bottles 

    In case you lose one, need one for water one for milk or can’t clean one. I love the Playtex with Drop Ins to minimize the clean need during travel.

  • Toys

    Buy new ones, the surprise will keep bébé entertained for a little longer. Blocks and hand puppets for little ones, coloring books, lego for older ones – if you forget everything or need something else thing look around you, and you’ll find plenty of toys ( a cups, a magazine, seatbelt…)

  • Change of clothes

    One for bébé and one for you!

  • Duck tape

    To cover outlets for little ones, keep the toilet lid down, the minibar closed. These mini rolls are great for traveling.

  • Light blanket

    To block the light from the screen above the bassinet or provide shadow in case of a  sunny day (My Favorite are Aden and Anais).



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