Why I created a Journal? Let’s simply exchange.

I never thought I’d ever keep a journal online but today, I feel the need for it. More than ever. I’ve just picked up my 15 months old Céleste from her part-time day care two hours early. When I called to know how she was doing, one of the employee was pretty honest, explaining that she had been pretty much crying the whole time I was gone. I felt so bad that I jumped in the car. My bébé was sobbing, exhausted and hungry when I got her. I went back home, trying to fix one problem at the time, the crying, the eating and then the sleeping.

Now that she’s napping, I am writing up this intro about the new Journal tab on Nomad bébé.  I would love it to be a place of exchange with you. By sharing the challenges and happy moments I face in my day-to-day Nomad Life. Just to be clear, on the Nomad scale, I am more of an expatriate than a backpacker. As I explain it in the About page, my husband and I are moving every 2 to 4 years to a new country to discover as much of the world as possible.

I am sure many moms would have had similar experience as mine. They are not all Nomad experiences, nevertheless having a sort of Nomad Life can make the basic steps of bébé’s life more complicated. For instance, to give you some background, Céleste is not only discovering day care, but also adapting to a new house. We left San Francisco for the summer for my husband’s job, a week after coming back from a trip to Guatemala. And of course, the cherry on the cake, since we got to our summer house, she’s also transitioning from two to one nap.

I am really hoping that you will also open up about your ups and downs leaving comments at the end of the articles you feel close to. My goal here is not to tell you about my life, but more to find comfort telling you guys about my day-to-day parenting challenges and sharing from yours.

Some stories you can look forward to

  • Adapting To A Summer House

  • Bed Time Gone Crazy

  • Down To One Nap

  • The Day Of A 15 Months Old

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