Bébé’s Medical Kit

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Bébé’s medical kit will vary a lot depending on where you go. I’d say if you stay in the States or travel to a developed country, limit it to Pain Killer and Butt Paste, basically what you need the time of the travel. In case you head to wilder places, and don’t really know what type of medicine you’ll find there, here is what you need to pack for bébé up to 2 years for day to day care.

  • Butt paste

    Love the smell of this one, plus it keeps bébé’s butt spotless.

  • Sunscreen stick

    A brilliant invention. It’s tiny yet it lasts forever, it’s super easy to put it on bébé AND it keeps you protected from a sunscreen leakage in you new hand bag. I never leave the house without it.

  • Nose Aspirator

    The best on the US market as the tip fits pretty well bébé’s cute tiny nose. I never understood how to use this gigantic “pear” shape aspirator the  hospital provided me.

  • Saline Drops

    With one product, you can choose either spray of drops. So handy!

  • Pain Killer

    This one has always worked for me, and calmed down teething main within 10 minutes.

  • Thermometer

    Good price and accuracy. What else do you need?






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