It’s Raining: What To Do in SF?

Kids learning at Seesaw. Credit SVEN WIEDERHOLT

“The coldest winter I have ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.”  Since few weeks, this sentence from Mark Twain is stuck in my mind. With the pretty nasty weather we’ve been having, days with bébé can be hard to fill. This is why, we came up with a short list of the best indoor activities SF has to offer.

  • Play & Exercise

    Indoor Heated Pools

    Bébé will love splashing in the water, and you will love being warm and bonding with your little one. Three places to try out: North Beach Swimming Pool, Bakar fitness and Recreation Center and Sava pool.

    Peek-a-boo Factory

    One of the playroom of Peekaboo factory. Credit: Peekaboo Factory.
    One of the playroom of Peekaboo factory. Credit: Peekaboo Factory.

    Gigantic indoor structure with tunnels, bridges, slides and all kinds of fun stuff for kids. There are two play areas, one for infants and toddlers and one for juniors.

    Recess Urban Recreation

    Bébé will love the awesome large indoor play area, playing with friends during the play groups, or for the older ones, dancing, singing, crafting…You will love the parents workshop, the pilates classes, the date night drop off and the coffee shop.

  • Discover

    California Academy Of Sciences

    A heaven for kids. They will love the gigantic aquariums with tens of colorful fishes, an open pool with manta rays and sharks swimming by, the tropical forest with its butterflies flying around you and its parrots. And in case you need further convincing, the place has a fantastic indoor playground with a miniature forest and ship.


    Older kids will get the most enjoyment out of this sensory museum. They’ll explore each of their senses in various funny ways.

    Bay Area Discovery Museum

    Great for all ages. Plenty of indoor play areas designed to nurture bébé’s creativity.

  • Learn

    SF Public Libraries

    SF Libraries offer awesome free activities year-round such as Baby Rhymes and Play Time, Toddler Tales and Play Time, Pre-school Films and Story Time. Check with your local library’s calendar to know when these activities take place.


    The best place in town to introduce a foreign language (Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, French…) to bébé. The classes mix storytelling, music and playing. But Seesaw is much more than a language lab, it also helps bébé with communication skills, social emotional learning and promote families’ wellness.

  • Children’s Creativity Museum

    A hands-on multimedia museum with unique activities such as an imagination playground where kids are free the organize their own play area. In multimedia labs, they will also learn to manipulate digital images, or create an album cover for a music video. Kids under 5 will enjoy the “early birds” drop in activities including music and storytelling.

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