15 Month Old: What is Bébé’s Day Like?

Céleste is 15 months old and her schedule is, again, changing. You know it happened right at that moment where I was comfortable and happy with her routine. I was finally feeling “in control,”  now I am drifting again. It happened a bunch of times already: switching from 3 naps to 2, introducing solids, reducing the numbers of meal to 4… To know how to handle the changes, I like turning to other parents’ experiences. I want to know the schedule of other 15 months old. Could not find any, so I decided to write Céleste’s schedule hoping that maybe I will inspire parents to get back to me on their kids’ routine.

6am-7am: Waking up.

7.30am: Breakfast.

8am-11am: Play Time

11am: Nap (usually 1h30)

12.30 pm: Lunch

3 pm-4 pm: Walk (used to be her nap time, so I find that a walk good at this time so she can rest, even if she does not sleep.

4pm: Snack

7pm: Dinner

7.15pm: Bath

7.30pm: Going to bed

How about your 15 month old?


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