2015-05-28 19.06.25Guatemala is the perfect place for families looking for some adventure. Explore the streets of Antigua, a colonial city that has not lost its superb character; sail among the volcanos surrounding Lake Atitlan; immerse yourself in colorful and lively markets, play Indiana Jones in Maya ruins scattered around the country, learn how to make your own chocolate bars…the possibilities are endless! Fun for all ages guaranteed, minimal travel time and time difference from anywhere in the US, and for a pretty low budget! Here is a family friendly travel guide to Guatemala.


  • 2015-05-29 16.49.30Know Before You Go

    • Who & When
    • Budget
    • Health
    • Food, lodging &transportation
    • Where to find? (Diapers, Baby food…)


  • DSC_0037Explore Antigua

    • Bébé Fun
    • Family Fun
    • Mommy & Daddy Fun
    • Eat & Drink
    • Sleep
    • Shop
  •  2015-06-05 20.53.00Local Knowledge*

    • Best Nap Drives
    • It’s raining – What to do in Antigua?
    • 3 Fun Family Activities In The Wild



*Coming up soon! Also check back often on all the articles as we are constantly adding new info to each section.

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