Before You Go To Guatemala

  • Good For

One to Ten year old.

  • When to go

November to April. It’s the sunny season which makes it easier to travel with bébé (no mosquitoes + no need to add an umbrella to your daily baby gear set.)  If you can only make it during the summer months (June-August), it’s not that big of a deal. I did go during the rainy season, and you just need to know that most of the showers occur in the afternoon so plan a maximum of visits in the morning. Also think about bringing a mosquito net for bébé’s bed, I used this one and it was great. Another must, these organic repellent patches.

  • Budget

$120 Per day for a family four (including food, lodging and transportation)5

  • Food

Tortilla, rice and grilled meat of fish are available in most restaurant. Picky eaters will probably love the local fried chicken!

  • Lodging

In the Capital, Guatemala city you’ll find most hotel chains (Mercure, Westin, Holiday Inn…)  They’ll most likely provide a bed for bébé but, not necessarily a pack N play, the standard in the US. If you plan on moving around, I’d recommend taking your own crib, except if bébé can cosleep.

  • Health

No major concern. The water was a  concern of mine, but unlike what the guide books were saying we had no problem, and we were not even being that careful. We did brush our teeth with it, and gave bébé a bath every night.  None of us got sick.  If you travel during the rainy season, mosquitos can be an issue. As I mention above cover bébé’s bed with this net at night and apply some mosquito repellent while exploring. I love these repellent patches: no need to spray bébé, just stick a patch to his clothes and he’ll be protected for 8 hours. Take two with you, they go by fast ( I also ended up using it)

Doctor (Recommended by the French Embassy) 

Dr Manuel Caceres Figueroa
Edificio Multimedica, Bd Vista Hermosa 25-19, zona 15
nivel 12, oficina 1218. Tél : 00 (502) / 85. 
6a. avenida 8-92, zona 9. 
Tél : 00 (502) / Fax : 00 (502)
Emergency 24/24 : 00 (502) 
Email :

Emergency Numbers

Fire Fighters : 122 (volontaires) et 123 (municipaux) 
Ambulance (Cruz Blanca, société privée) : 00 (502) 
Evacuation Helicopter  : 00 (502) et 00 (502)

  • Transportation

If you just plan on visiting Guatemala City and Antigua, stick with a bus or a taxi. Otherwise, renting a car is the way to go. Be aware that it is not cheap to rent a car in Guatemala as they add a bunch of local taxes and insurance. We used Alamo and ended up having to pay an extra $300 for a bit over a week rental.

  • What to bring?

A baby carrier is a must as outside of the Capital city. If existent, sidewalks are not well maintained. In Antigua, the city is still mainly paved and makes it quasi-impossible to drive a stroller around. My favorite carrier is the Original Ergo Baby, comfortable and easy on my achy back.

As far as food goes, i’d take a couple of food pouches, I like the Earth Best’s veggie protein mix; as well as the Gerber Graduates Pasta line good if bébé eats solids. And as I never go anywhere with yogurt, a daily habit since I’m a kid passed on to my daughter I take the Gerber Yogurt Blend as they don’t need to be refrigerate. I have not found any of these items in supermarkets, not even anything close.

If you travel during the rainy season, add a mosquitoe net for bébé’s crib and repellent patches.

  • Where to shop for?

For diapers & wipes: Every single corner store around the country has them, it’s s convenient super convenient and my biggest surprise.

For formula & light baby gear (bottle, pacifier, toothbrush…): Pharmacy.

For toys & clothes: Markets.



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