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  • Bébé Fun

Parque Central

Families like to gather at the Parque Central

A gorgeous European looking park, where local families gather and tourists come people watching. Bébé will love the music performed most of the time by street musicians and/or running around the water fountain. The perfect break during your day of exploring Antigua, ideally located in the middle of all the main attractions of the city.

Choco Museo

Making a chocolate bar at the Choco Museo.

A chocolate lover’s heaven. Choco Museo gathers in one place a coffee shop, a museum and a store, all specialized in chocolate. The place also offers a workshop to make your very own chocolate bar. Older kids will love participating in this very fun, hands-on activity while smaller ones will love watching, smelling and tasting chocolates.

Location: 4a Calle Oriente, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala, +502 7832 4520.

 Finca Filadelfia Coffee Resort Playground

Filadelfia playground

Modern and safe, this playground offers several slides, swings and climbing structures. It is very conveniently situated off the Filadelfia Coffee Resort restaurant and offers plenty of seating options for parents.

Location: Interior Of Finca Filadelfia, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala, +502 7728 0800.

  • Family Fun

Capuchinas Convent & Antigua Guatemala Cathedral

Two major religious sites of Antigua that will enable you to learn about the history of the city, while bébé gets some fun. These sites are fantastic exploring grounds for toddlers and older kids. In the Capuchinas Convent, they will love playing hide and seek in the arcades surrounding the central courtyard, and you will love discovering a gorgeous monument that will take you back in time. In the Antigua Guatemala Cathedral, let them be little Indiana Jones in the ruins behind the main building, and take them to the underground crypts where you can play with the echos.

Merced Church & Park

2015-06-05 20.20.59
Merced Church Facade.

The yellow facade of the Merced church decorated with a white filigree paste is the most beautiful I’ve seen in Antigua, and can’t be missed. Conveniently located in a little park where bébé will be able to rest, crawl or run, and close to family-friendly restaurants and shops (see below), it is the perfect place for a little break.

2015-06-05 20.24.00
The most beautiful work of art of Antigua.

Santo Domingo Del Cerro

A pretty garden full of local art and paths to wander around. Bebe will enjoy the wide open outdoors, while you will love discovering local sculptures and paintings in a spectacular environment. A free shuttle to Santo Domingo Del Cerro departs from the Casa Domingo Hotel. Plan some time to visit this museum hotel which used to be a convent.

Filadelfia Tours

Coffee Tour at Filadelfia Coffee Resort in an open sided mini truck.

The Filadelfia coffee resort offers plenty of fun activities for families. Depending on your interests and the age of bébé, you might be able to visit a coffee farm (there’s an option for doing it on a mule), walk around the cloud forest, go bird watching, tour the coffee processing factory or attend a coffee tasting (called a cupping).

Location: Interior Of Finca Filadelfia, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala, +502 7728 0800.

  • Mommy & Daddy Fun

Every so often, you may leave bébé to, shall we say, enjoy the company of his in-laws, (or a babysitter) while you take advantage of some much-needed alone time with your other half. Parenting is arguably the hardest job in the world, so don’t miss the opportunity to have a little fun, or some (however fleeting) R&R. Post up at a spa, followed by a little treat from one of the best watering holes around.

Healing Hands Therapy Spa

If you are looking for any sort of massage (couples massage available!), or therapy (chocolate therapy, hand and foot therapy, face therapy…) Healing Spa is the place. Owned by a US trained and licensed physical therapist, the place offers very high-quality professional services. Also available mani/pedi, waxing and yoga classes…check their website for a full list of services. If you are looking for a spa with a jacuzzi, check out Porta hotel and Soleil La Antigua listed below.

 Bistro 5

Bistro 5 is famous for its Absinthe sampling. One of the bartenders, supposedly an Absinthe specialist, will put on a whole show if you order the beverage. Not sure it adds anything to the taste of the drink, but it is definitely unique and amusing. If you also need to eat on your date night, Bistro 5  also serves good French food.

Cafe No Sé

Music and Mezcal are what made this intimate bar a go-to destination in Antigua. The very intimate place is perfect for a relaxing moment with your other half, if you can find a way to have someone watch bébé.

  • Eat&Drink

    2015-06-01 14.30.00
    Traditional meat stew served with tamale, a corn dumpling.


A funky colorful Mexican restaurant serving super fresh and tasty food. They have high chairs and are pretty relaxed about bébé wandering around. It is very conveniently located next to Nim Pot Market (see “shop” below).

Location: 5a Avenida Norte #29, Arco de Santa Catalina, La Antigua Guatemala, Phone:+502 7832 1296.

Guatemalan Cantine

I am not sure of the name of this one, but it is located in front of the gas station at the intersection of  1er Avenida Norte and 4ta Calle Pte, close to a Dominos Pizza. It serves great inexpensive local food such as meat and veggie stews,  chicken, greens and deserts. A perfect lunch option, especially if you want to experience Guatemalan food with the locals.

Como Como

Como Como’s charming open air dining room.

The food was so good at Como Como that I still remember it, especially the complimentary spread served upon arrival, the warm bread and the gazpacho. Yummy. The staff is also very family friendly. They have high chairs and sippy cups for bébé! A very charming place, perfect for a peaceful family dinner. Location: 6a Calle Poniente, Antigua Guatemala, +502 7832 0478.

Parents & Baby drinks at Como Como

Cafe Sky

A perfect family-dining option. The menu is super kid-friendly, featuring pasta and delicious pizza (I had three in 5 days!) The place has a nice open fire-pit and offers gorgeous views of Antigua’s surroundings. You can also order take out which is very convenient if bébé has an early bedtime and one of you has to watch him. Location: 1A Avenida Sur #15, Antigua.

Fernando’s Koffee

Coffee Shop with a nice relaxing courtyard where bébé can run around. Most of the time, a woman is there weaving pieces of clothing in the traditional way. A very amusing distraction for bébé that will give you some time to sip your coffee peacefully. Location:  7a Avenida Norte #43 D, Antigua Guatemala, Phone:+502 7832 6953.

  • Sleep

  • 2015-06-06 11.07.49
    Inside Cacao Boutique Hotel.

Air bnb $

Bébé will love having more room to play than in a hotel room, (which can often be pretty tight for a family of four). You will love the price/space ratio and the fact that bedtime doesn’t mean you and your partner have to sit in the dark while bébé sleeps. There are several Air bnb rentals available around the country, in various price ranges and sizes. If you have more than two kids, or if, like me, it is hard for you to get some sleep with your little one in the same room, Air bnb is the perfect solution for you.

Remember to plan ahead if bébé is still sleeping in a crib, as unlike hotels, Air bnb spaces are unlikely to provide a travel crib so don’t forget your pack n play.

Be aware that many houses in Guatemala take advantage of the natural light to save on electricity by putting in skylights or windows high in the walls.  While undoubtedly eco-friendly, it means the room can get very bright very early, which can lead to early wake-ups for bébé (and of course you soon thereafter).  We actually had to cancel our second air bnb because the windows had no curtains, and migrated to the following hotel…

Cacao Boutique Hotel $$

2015-06-03 09.04.21 HDR
Breakfast at Cacao Boutique Hotel

An intimate hotel with rooms around a lush courtyard. The staff was super helpful and accommodating. They let us use their fridge to put bébé’s unfinished meals, heat up the bottles and entertained him when being cranky. The bed was very comfortable, the rooms dark and the free breakfast lovely. All for a very competitive price including a free parking spot.

Location:  Calle de Los Duelos Barrio de Santo Domingo II Casa No. 7, Calle de Los Duelos, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala, Phone: +502 7937 2214.

Hotel Soleil La Antigua $$

A perfect family hotel just on the outskirts of Antigua. Bebe will love the outdoor pool equipped with a little slide, the hotel playground and lots of space to crawl or run around. You will love the Thai Spa in the hotel where you will be able to get a massage or heat up in the sauna when bébé is sleeping.
  • Shop

Nim’ Pot

2015-06-05 17.30.53

The best market of town to get Guatemaltecan souvenirs at a good price. If you are into second-hand stores, this place is for you. On the left hand side, just after the entrance, you’ll find piles of used clothing. Dig in there and you might find some real treasure. You will also find decor items such as wooden masks and all types of brand new souvenirs from Guatemala.

Parque Central Market

On the West side of  Parque Central, this sprawling indoor markets offers a wide variety of traditional textiles (carpets, pillow covers, clothing, table clothes, etc.) Don’t hesitate to bargain (about half of the quoted price is a good target), which is easier at the very beginning or end of the day, as vendors are eager for that first/last sale of the day. This place is great for kiddos as they can easily walk around the alleys ways. A great refuge if it rains.

2015-06-05 17.31.25
Iconic Monument of Antigua.

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