The Alboths: Traveling With 2 Kids for Months At A Time!

The family without borders: Thomas, Anna, Hanna and Mila Alboth.

Meet the Alboth, an inspiring “family without borders”. A family who believes that: ” ‘want’ means ‘can’.” And that “Having a baby widens your life, not narrows it– like traveling!” Anna, the mom, is a press journalist from Poland and the dad, Thomas, a German web designer and photographer. The two met in Brussels and started travelling early on in their relationship, realized they loved it and decided to make it a way of life.

When Hanna, their first daughter came around, they kept the same lifestyle and took her on her first trip before her first birthday. Over six months, the family of three crossed eleven countries. You can read all about their trip “Around the Black Sea” on their website The Family Without Borders. Soon thereafter, Mila, their second daughter, joined the traveling family. Her first trip “Between the Oceans: Central America” lasted 4 months. At the time, she was also only a few months old. Since then, the four have ventured to Bosnia, New Zealand and the South Pacific…

Honduras, somewhere: Girls in their rooms; Photo: Thomas Alboth
Honduras, somewhere: Girls in their rooms: Photo: Thomas Alboth

You wonder how they do it? We do too! And this is why we asked this super inspiring family some tips to help us follow in their footsteps.

Three tips you could give to parents who want to have a Nomad, and Not(a)Mad bébé?

Firstly: your kid should get used to travelling, moving, new places, new people – as fast as possible. If you go for a first trip with a 2-year-old, of course he will be surprised that he has to sit for longer in the car or not sleep in his own bed. Even without leaving home you can show your kid the diversity of the world: by spending time with people speaking other languages, going to a different church and showing them the traditions of others.

Secondly: you should be a Nomad too! Be relaxed and flexible while travelling – and your kid will be like this too. Why shouldn’t he?
Thirdly: prepare your kid for the trip, at any age! Tell him how the plane works, what the typical names of the kids in the country you are flying to are, show him pictures and draw some maps together. Make him feel excited about it!

Why should parents travel with their kids?

Your kid will be positive and see challenges instead of problems, and will surprise you! “Mummy, no worries!”, “Daddy, if not this one, then another”, “Mummy, it’s JUST a…” – you will hear and feel supported in difficult moments. Your kid will be able to live happily with less. He/she will meet a lot of kids having fun just with stones and sticks and will enjoy her/his toys back home with a deeper reflection.
Your relationship with your kid will also be stronger: what binds people is the time together in different circumstances and common memories. You will be the one who showed your kid the world: adventures, happiness, sunshine, rain and joyful times will be connected with the mother, father and sister – not with the TV or a computer game. Your kid might do the same and have a happy family later on.

For more reasons to travel with kids, read Anna’s article: Have a kid who travelled.

Honduras, Meeting somewhere around Copan Ruinas. Photo: Thomas Albot.

A great moment you remember during your family travel.

I remember every single day of our trips! This is one of the things which make traveling so different: when you are at home, you don’t remember what you ate last Friday! When you travel you remember every breakfast, chance encounter and view! The most exciting moments were, of course, meeting the most exciting people: the Roma king in Moldova, the chief of a village of Vanuatu, who gave us a piece of their land, a strong Chechen woman somewhere north of Georgia, a real mafia guy in Armenia, a Maori guru in New Zealand… I could go on and on…

Hanna and her pirate friends on little Atchin Island. Photo, The Alboth.

A challenging moment you had to face with kiddos during your travels?

I was very sick in Tonga and Tom had to spend many days just with the girls in a not very exciting little town. But they understood how serious it was and they were just very helpful. Challenging moments are only when we have to say goodbye to the new friends we have made. The girls are always asking: When will we see them again?

What is a day like when you travel?

Just check out this video: A day of the traveling family in New Zealand. This is our average day, from the morning until the evening.

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