Freshly Picked: Best Travel Shoes For Bébé

Freshly Picked Utah Collection Mocassins

Nomad Bébé is very excited to be hosting a Freshly Picked giveaway!!! Why? Well, Freshly Picked mocassins are the only shoes bébé needs when traveling. After testing and studying different shoes options for the no(t)mad bébé, the Freshly Picked Mocassins have been selected as the Best Traveling Shoes.

Before explaining to you why, let me present them to you. Freshly Picked are mocassins made of 100% genuine leather for babies and toddlers.  They were invented by a mom, Susan Petersen, who used her son a “moc-tester.” Using trial and error, she was able to develop models that both look great and which would stay on her son’s feet throughout his walking, running, playing and attempts to pull them off.


Stay On

Coming up with shoes that stayed on her son’s feet was Susan Petersen’s priority. And she succeeded, ALL of the moms I talked to about their baby’s Freshly Picked said that they always stay on. At the same time, it does not strangle your little one’s feet like other leather mocassins do. Another brand I tried out from Etsy left a red ring around my daughter’s ankle, which is far from being chubby.

As light as a feather

Don’t you think your diaper bag is heavy enough? The Freshly Picked Mocassins are so super light that you won’t even notice carrying them around. The are so compact that you can even put them in your pants pocket if needed!

On and off bébé’s feet in second

You are in the plane, changing bébé in a tiny stinky bathroom. He is not being cooperative and the only thing he wants to do is get back on the floor. That dirty floor requires shoes, and you need to put them on quickly before his adorable little toes reach the pool of unidentified liquid on the floor next to you. You grab your Freshly Picked, and literally slipped them on his feet in seconds thanks to the elastic opening. Mission accomplished.


Nowadays there are tens of different kinds of baby mocassin out there. I have tried a couple and honestly, none are as durable as the Freshly Picked. On other shoes, playground dirt does not come off easily, I would have to scrub, and as a matter of fact damage the shoes to keep them clean. To help you take care of your baby’s shoes, Freshly Picked came up with leather cleaning wipes you can carry around.

Is durability that important, you might wonder, as bébé’s feet grow by the second? Well, it is since because of their soft material, they can be worn a little too big or a little too tight. That is also great as bébé’s feet don’t always match size chart, so with Freshly Picked you don’t have to worry as much about getting the wrong size.


I love everything about the Freshly Picked moc look. The fringes around the ankle are super cute and look good on both boys and girls. The Freshly Picked team is also constantly coming up with new styles and original prints, some of which are displayed below.

Want some Freshly Picked of your own? It’s super easy. Tell us about a favorite place (a city or a country) you have visited with your kids. In a brief paragraph, explain why you picked that place, what your favorite things to do there are and any important “know before you go” tips which come to mind. Pictures encouraged but not required. You can use the form below for text submissions, and photos can be sent to

Submissions are accepted throughout August. The candidate that submits the best idea will win a pair of Freshly Picked Mocassins. The winner of this giveaway will be announced the first week of September. All the stories received will be featured on Nomad Bébé. 

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