Beat Mosquitoes: Two Simple Tricks To Avoid Nasty Bites On Bébé

2015-06-01 09.02.36I still remember the buzzing of  the mosquitoes at night during my last trip to Guatemala. The rainy season had just started and the sneaky insects were everywhere. They were most virulent at night, literally attacking my husband and I. We both got badly beaten whereas our dear daughter Céleste did not get a single bite. How did that happen?

Well, knowing that we were hitting the rainy season and fearing mosquito bites on my one-year old’s delicate skin, I did a lot of research on mosquito repellent for babies. I was so focused on her well-being that I totally forgot to get similar items for my husband and I…

Anyway, I have found two extremely useful products that I would recommend to every parent. Just to be clear, I am not getting any financial compensation for this article, I genuinely love these products:

Insect Netting For Pack’n’Play2015-06-01 09.03.13

I never thought putting a mosquito net around our Pack’n’Play would work. I thought my one-year old would pull on it and get distracted from sleeping but none of that happened. The first night we spent in Guatemala, I laid her down and covered her bed with the net. She looked at me tucking it under the feet of the bed with curiosity, touched the sides of the bed to try to reach it, and eventually went to sleep. I think showing her the net before bedtime and explaining how I would use it helped a bit. In the morning I would always find her trying to lift the net with her head, the funniest vision. She never managed to take it off, and never got beaten once during our ten-day trip.

Mosquito Patch

2015-06-01 11.17.15
Life saver!

I was not to fond of the idea of spraying my daughter with mosquito repellent and was doubting that it would last all night, mosquitoes’ pick time. So when I discovered the Green Baby mosquito patch, I was relieved and hoping that they were going to work… They were better than expected! I would put one on Céleste’s jacket in the evening and then on her pajama all night long and she DID NOT get ANY BITES. I was so glad. I used a couple of them myself at night and each time I did, I did not get beaten either.

2015-06-01 11.17.53
These patches are so efficient that I ended up using them.

The patches are super easy to use. You just have to pinch it to free the repellent locked inside and stick wherever you want. It is really perfect for kiddos, just place it in their back: they won’t see it and thus won’t be tempted to take it off (not the case with repellent bracelet that I also tried.)

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