Bring The Nomad Feel Home

What if you did not need to go anywhere to travel? The summer is coming to an end, and your next vacations are probably not around the corner. To help you bear the wait, I’ve surfed the web to find stylish decorations that will bring the “nomad feel” to bébé’s room. Under this gallery, you’ll find each picture with its own brief description.

Animal World Map 

Animal World Map

This contemporary abstract wall art found on Etsy will be perfect to introduce bébé to the world in the smoothest and possibly cutest way possible! No doubt he will love looking at the different colors, shapes and pointing at the different animals.

Kakazu Toys Box & Stools

Kakazu Stool
Photo: KakazuonEtsy
Kakazu Toy Box
Photo: KakazuonEtsy

The pattern of these two elegant pieces of furniture takes me to the African Tribal World, what about you? They will bring a nomad feel to bébé’s room in such a subtle way, love it!

Dolls Of The World

Photo: Land Of Nod
Photo: Land Of Nod

Aren’t they adorable? I can’t get over the cuteness of these dolls. I’d love to buy all of them for my one-year-old daughter, and teach her some facts about each country these cuties represent: Japan, Germany, Russia, Spain and the Netherlands.


Rocking Dog Afghan Hound 

Photo: Antique Alive Toys

This gorgeous rocker from Antique Alive Toys is entirely handcrafted from New Zealand Pine Tree hardwood. Other animals such as an elk or a sheep are available in the same collection. As it is on the high side budgetwise ($ 399), I’ve found two other alternatives. The first is a Zebra from NewMakers Animals, also in wood (see picture below), and the other one is the Giraffe Plush Rocker from Happy Trails with a wood structure.

Photo: New Makers Animal

World Traveler Pillow Collection

World Traveler Collection
Photo: Cheeky Monkey
Photo: Cheeky Monkey

The World Traveler pillow collection from Cheeky Monkey will give an elegant foreign touch to bébé’s crib or chair. I love the bright colors, so cheerful!

Looseleaf Pendant Shade (World)

Looseleaf Pendant Shade (World)
Photo: Land Of Nod

I am usually not a fan of world map themed objects or furniture, but this lamp seems to be an exception (you’ll find another one later on too.) I really like its very unusual shape and the pastel colors that make it a perfect unisex item for bébé’s room.

Yayita Baby Hammock by La Siesta


La Siesta is very serious about its hammock, as the company sees it as “a South American national treasure,” according to its website. The Yayita baby hammock has been designed especially for babies and features a security strap system, similar to ones used in strollers or car seats to keep bébé in place. The yayita will be perfect for nap time, adding an exotic touch to any room.

Uncle Goose Multilingual Alphabet Blocks41E2x9V0YYL51cpOlX4dML

Uncle Goose blocks exist in pretty much every language: Korean, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Spanish… Smaller kids will love stacking the blocks, hitting them together to make noise or simply looking at their colors.

VW Camper Pop Up Tent

244558325VW Camper Tent
Hit the road babe! Nestled in the VW Camper pop up tent, bébé will be able to imagine she’s in her own world, or on the way to some exciting new destination.

Giraffe Hooks

Photo: Rowen And Wren

These hooks are perfect if you’re looking to add only a little foreign touch to bébé’s room.

World Map Floor Cushion

World Pillow
Photo: MyBeardedPigeon

I like this world map floor pillow for its vintage look. The map on the fabric has been digitally printed from an 1865 world map! Use this pillow as a resting bed for your newborn, as a soft surface when your little one tries to push himself up, or eventually as a pillow for your toddler.

Navajo Rug

Photo: Bombay Fabric Store

This carpet created in a rural village in India has been designed borrowing a Navajo design. Navajo people are Native Americans from the Southwest of the country. Can’t get much more international than that, can it? Check out BombayFrabicStore on Etsy for more designs and colors.

Natural Color Table Lamp

Photo: Land Of Nod

When I look at this lamp, I see the painted elephant of India. The bright pastel colors are cheerful, yet elegant. A great little touch of exotism.

And if you’re not ready to change bébé’s room decor or simply want a different kind of nomad feel to bébé’s day, check out our Collection of World Toys and Clothes in the Nomad Bazaar tab. Our very first selection is from Guatemala!


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