Destinations: Moms’ Favorite

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All the following destinations have been tested and approved by moms and dads. 

Stay Local

Nova Scotia 

Jen Franklin’s daughter in Nova Scotia

Jen F: “Nova Scotia is where my husband and I are both from and grew up. We now live in San Francisco, so to get to the eastern side of Canada is a trek, but worth it every time. You step off the plane and you can smell the ocean air. The beaches are pristine and the food — the seafood! — is incredible. Our daughter can run free, make sand castles, dip her toes in the ocean, dance to Celtic music and then pretend to be a lobster and climb in the lobster pot before she is replaced by the real lobsters and the boil begins. Nova Scotia has a slower and simpler way of life, and it’s an incredible place to grow up or spend summers as a child.”

Gabriola Islands 

Alison VH: “It’s where our kiddo’s grandparents live! We go to the beach, walk in the forest and play outside… all the things we don’t do nearly enough, since we live in the city, where shoes that stay on are a must!!!”


Mohita M: ‘Get in the hot springs pool at Indian Springs Resort and have bébé take a small splash as well. Walk around the tiny town with bébé in a stroller. Stop by the train-car that’s been converted into a candy store, with all kinds of treats and even popsicles. On chilly nights, sit by the resort’s warm fireplace and cuddle the little one to sleep.”

Palo Alto

Alexis DLP: “Living in San Francisco is rough in the summer; it’s foggy a lot. Looking at all of our friends’ summer pictures with their babies swimming or napping in the shade made us jealous, so we packed up and booked a night at the Sheraton Palo Alto, just 40 minutes away. We swam, sunned, napped, strolled on University Avenue and enjoyed free brunch. It was the best local vacation ever! My first night out of the house with my baby and her first time in a pool!”

Carmel & Monterey

2015-07-29 18.51.52
Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Roselyn: “We haven’t been able to take a tropical beach vacation with our baby yet, but for now a nice weekend trip to Carmel or Monterey is fun! We stay at one of the AAA-rated hotels and take advantage of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, since our little one is at an age where he is starting to love staring at fishies. We take a stroll, have family-friendly brunch in Carmel, and then take a quick trip to the beach.”

The Outer Banks

Audrey: “We love taking our 21-month-old daughter to the Outer Banks. There is so much to do and it is very family friendly. We hike up the sand dunes, visit the state aquarium to see sharks and turtles, and go out for ice cream — lots of good old-fashioned family fun.”

Go Wild


Jenni W: “Visit the wildlife park and pet the kangaroos and koalas. Swim in the ocean. Hike. Taste wines at places that are also kid friendly. Picnic on the beach. What more could you ask for on vacation with an infant?”


Yana J: “Singapore is my home, where there are many green spaces and play areas for my almost-12-month-old to run around in. One of my favorite parks, the Singapore Botanic Gardens, has a children’s area, the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden, which has a waterplay and exploration area for little and big people.”


Corinna R: “I love summer in Germany for its warm nights that I can enjoy with my husband while having free babysitting, since my family lives there. I also love taking my children to the beach at the Baltic Sea, where the water is so calm that it’s safe for them. I also very much like to go in the winter, when I can build a snowman in the snow and go to the Christmas markets to drink hot Glühwein (mulled wine). Now I want to pack up and go right now!”

El Salvador

Jaime M: “The beaches, food and jungle are amazing, but what trumps all of those is the chance for baby to meet her grandparents. To see the love in their eyes when holding my daughter is like nothing else. Although she might not remember her first trips to Central America, we treasure the time that she’s spent with her family. Oh, and if you go, you must try La Unica for hot and cheesy pupusas, Playa El Tunco for the beautiful beach and delicious ceviche, and San Martin for freshly baked breads and pastries. Hasta Pronto!”


Rachel: “I don’t have a baby yet, but am expecting my first child this November! I am currently going back and forth between my hometown in Los Angeles and Buenos Aires, which has become my second home. I can’t wait to take my baby to the beautiful parks Buenos Aires has to offer, especially the Rose Garden in Palermo.”

 Thank you to all the mamas and papas who participated in our Freshly Picked Giveaway by submitting all these great ideas!

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