A Secret For A Good Night’s Sleep When Traveling

In Bébé’s world, sleep and travel don’t get along very well.  For all of us, sleeping in a new place can be a bit uncomfortable: the bed is a little softer than the one at home, the air dryer, the temperature too low, etc. As adults, we can adjust and deal with these little changes pretty easily, but bébé does not have this skill yet. What to do then? Well, one obvious way to diminish bébé’s discomfort is to bring his own portable bed like a Pack’N’Play or the Chicco Lullaby bed I use. I love the style of this model: the blue and grey stripes are so elegant!
This is all the more important if you travel to places that don’t offer such a folding bed. Most of the time, the alternative is a rollaway crib with a metal frame, and you can be sure that with such a bed bébé won’t sleep peacefully. I had the experience twice, once in the States and once in Uruguay, and both times were chaotic. The bed would squeak and creak each time bébé would move, or worse her legs would get stuck in between the bars.
In order to avoid such situations, make sure to call the hotel ahead of time and ask them what kind of bed they provide for a baby. If they don’t have Pack’N’Play or something similar, check online if there is a baby gear rental company, such as baby’s away or traveling baby, around where you will be. If you don’t find any pack’n’play and/or you don’t have enough space to take it with you, try to bring one of bébé’s sheets, with of course his pajamas and lovey/comfort toy.
Bringing Céleste’s folding bed with us has definitely been a big help, but it is far from being enough. For instance, it never prevented agitated bedtimes and/or early wake ups. For those, I’ve recently discovered a secret remedy…
I’d never really realized how much light in the bedroom impacts sleep, until we moved to a vacation house for the summer. The first week, Céleste had a very hard time falling asleep and was waking up between 5am and 6am. The exact same thing happened few weeks prior, during a trip to Guatemala.
There, most of the houses have a partly clear roof that let the daylight in. A smart way to reduce electricity consumption, a nightmare for a parent traveler like me. My daughter was waking up every morning with the sun at 5am, and could not really go back to sleep. At night, it would take her a while to fall asleep because it stayed light out way past her bedtime. I quickly made a parallel between the two situations and concluded that her room was too bright. Here comes the secret remedy:  a portable blackout curtain.
2015-07-28 15.50.17
The GroBag Anywhere Blind
The one I used is the Gro Anywhere Blind from The Gro Company. It became one of my favorite pieces of baby travel gear. I simply can’t see myself going anywhere without it anymore. First, it is super easy to set up. You simply have to stick it to the window you want to block out. The multiple suction cups attached to the blind do all the work. In minutes, you get a very dark room even in daytime. Just be sure to wipe down the window prior to sticking on the suction cups, as even a little dust will prevent them from sticking well.
2015-07-28 15.51.58
The suction cups stay in place for weeks at a time.
Second, no need to worry about it not fitting your window. A velcro system enables you to fit the blinds to smaller windows. Third, it stays on for weeks at a time and it comes in a travel bag easy to carry.
2015-07-28 15.55.07
The velcro makes it super easy to shrink the blind to fix it on a small window.
If you are currently traveling and need to fix a brightness issue now, here are two more “artisanal” ways  to do it. You can put a sheet, a blanket, clothes or a towel over the curtain rod.
2015-07-28 15.47.34
Blankets are covering the two windows replacing blackout out blinds.
2015-07-28 15.49.01
Connecting blankets with clothes pins.
2015-07-28 15.46.57
Sometimes one layer of blanket is not enough.

If there is no curtain rod or you can’t use it for some reason, you can always try using black garbage plastic bags and this travel size duck tape.

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