Family-Friendly Hot Spots In San Francisco: The Mission, Noe Valley, Bernal Heights

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Three extremely family-friendly neighborhoods in San Francisco. If you want to immerse yourself among locals and have a tourist-free experience, your best bet is Bernal Heights. We’ve selected only the coolest addresses in each area. Addresses that we love and that will enable you to Eat, Shop and experience lots of Family Fun in style during your visit.


Little Bee Baking

Finally, a bakery that offers a little play area for kids! A table with crayons, some books and a toy truck is all it takes for parents to enjoy their macchiatos and lemon bar in (relative) peace. Location: 521 Cortland Ave, Bernal Heights. Phone: (415) 595-4744

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Here’s a hip Mexican restaurant that offers an awesome kid’s menu! Kids can choose a taco or quesadilla accompanied by rice, beans, an agua fresca and ice cream. They also get a cool menu to color. I love the decor here: simple, elegant and modern. Location: 741 Valencia St, Mission. Photo via tacolicious



Noe Valley Bakery

Be prepared to have a hard time deciding what to get here! There is no seating area in the bakery, so the best way to enjoy your treat is to go sit in the park/playground located five minutes away at the corner of 24th Street and Douglass. Location: 4073 24th St, Noe Valley. Phone:(415) 550-1405. Photos via



If you are looking for a local piece of clothing for bébé, the Podolls is the place. Created by a couple living in the Noe Valley neighborhood, this is simply the perfect family store. They have amazing clothes for mom, dad and bébé, and the store itself is the most family friendly I have ever seen. To help parents shop in peace, there’s even a little wood house in the store filled with pillows and kids’ books. It is simply awesome! Location: 3985 24th St, Noe Valley. Phone:(415) 529-1196. Photos via


Mapamundi Kids

One of the best places in town to get stylish toys and accessories for bébé (0-12 years old)! Location: 1306 Castro St, Noe Valley. Phone:415-641-6192. Photos via




A truly unique toy store for bébé. If you are looking for fun wood toys toys or original decor for bébé’s room, this is the place! Location: 824 Valencia St, Mission. Phone: (415) 824-1872. Photos via

Family Fun


A real adventure into the world of chocolate. This chocolate factory and café offers classes for kids, grouped by ages three to seven and seven to 10 years old. Bébé will touch, smell, taste, drink, and learn plenty about chocolate. He will love it and you will too! Location: 740 Valencia Street, Mission. Phone: (415) 349-0942. Photos via


Bernal Height Hills

Get a free trip to a moon-like environment by climbing desertic rocky Bernal Hill. Bébé will love running up and down the hill and playing on the slide set up in a tree at the top. You will love the gorgeous views of San Francisco!

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The Butterfly Joint

The most original and maybe fun experience you can offer bébé in San Francisco. The Butterfly Joint is a woodworking studio for children aged 18 months and over. How cool is that? Put on an apron, safety glasses and gloves on bébé and let him sand some wood, pull the steam whistle or even safely drill some holes (when old enough of course). Location:  2640 Mission Street, The Mission, San Francisco, CA 94110. Phone: 415.894.2685. Photos via


Buttons Candy Bar

An old fashion candy store, delicious both for your eyes and your taste buds. A nice pause that will take you back in timeLocation: 4027 24th St., Noe Valley. Phone: 415 970 9035.
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The best playgrounds are Dolores Park (19th  & Dolores Streets) in the Mission and the Bernal Heights Rec Center (Cortland Ave. & Moultrie St.). The first one was renovated in 2015, and offers areas for all ages, with fun slides, arty sculptures perfect for playing hide and seek, climbing walls and a big sandbox. The second one is smaller and older, but a great refuge when visiting Bernal Heights.

Bernal Heights Rec Center
Bernal Heights Rec Center

Other Addresses

Heroine: Stylish clothes, decor and accessories for bébé & mama. Location: 4100 24th St, Noe Valley. Phone: (415) 642-4843.

Terra Mia: A walk-in ceramic painting studio where you can let bébé develop his creativity. Location: 1314 Castro St., Noe Valley.

Vega: A family friendly pizzeria offering pizza happy hour for bébé! Location: 419 Cortland Ave., Bernal Heights. Phone: (415) 285-6000.



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