On-The-Go Sippy Cup: More Space & No Leaks In Your Travel Bag

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I have a complicated relationship with sippy cups. I tend to lose or forget them when I need them the most. When I put them in my always-full bag, they add weight and take up a lot of space. Worst of all, they pretty much always leak into my bag. On top of that, my daughter Céleste likes to dump them on the floor when she’s finished with them — you know, she’s in that “throwing everything” stage and is very interested to see where things are landing. 

To sum up, sippy cups are:

 Heavy + Messy = Not Travel-Friendly Gear

That’s why, when I discovered the SipSnap TOT lid, I was super excited. This lid can stretch over any cup, turning it into an improvised sippy cup in seconds! Isn’t that amazing?!

Photo via sipsnap.com

The SipSnap TOT  lid comes in a little plastic container so flat that it can fit in your pocket. You will really gain a lot of space in your bag. It will also relieve weight, which is critical when you are traveling. And of course, no more water-soaked diaper bag!

Photo via sipsnap.com

Eating out becomes a little less worrying: I don’t have to question the cleanliness of the glass and Céleste can’t spill her water glass anymore, as it is impossible for her to take the lid off — and believe me, she tries as hard as she can!2015-08-23 03.44.30

2015-08-23 03.47.21

This lid is really easy to use. To test its universal aspect, I tried it on all the glasses and cups I have at home and it worked perfectly every time. I let Céleste test the spill-proofness of the lid. As expected, she did pretty well turning her improvised sippy cup upside down and shaking it. Not a drop came out. I have to say that I was impressed! When she does that with her regular sippy cup, it always leaks.

One more thing I’d like to mention: The appearance of the gear I carry matters to me, and I am always looking for pretty and elegant-looking products. The SipSnap TOT  lid checks that box, too. I love the different colors it comes in and I find that it gives a funky stylish finish to any
glass that wears it.

Photo via sipsnap.com

The SipSnap TOT  is one of the little lifesavers that makes traveling a bit easier, and I always make sure I have one in my bag before I go anywhere.

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