Camping With Toddlers

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By Gabriella Diesendorf,

Many people never even think of going camping with toddlers because they are scared. What if my kid eats dirt? What if he gets bitten by a bug? What if it rains? All these questions are legit, but only if you do not know how to organize yourself and relax a bit. Luckily for you, we are here to help you with that. So, keep reading to find out everything you need when going on a camping trip with your toddlers.

Bring all the food you need

The first thing you need to have in mind is distance – your camping site needs to be close to home. That way, you know your little ones will not get too hungry during travel or immediately after you have set foot in the camp.

Plan every meal you are going to have wisely, and prepare reserves just in case something unexpected happens — like your food gets eaten up by animals or something. You can prepare these fantastic camping meals and your kids will scream for more.

Mind sanitary conditions

Hygiene needs to be properly maintained, just as if you were at home. Prepare your little one’s sanitary kit with an extra pack of diapers and wet wipes. Experience shows that you always need at least as twice as much as you meant to bring along, so avoid this amateur mistake and make some space in your bags for extras.

Take safety precaution measures

Safety is one of the most important issues you are going to have to cover before you hit the trail and go to the camping site. Naturally, your little explorers are not going to be patient enough to wait for you to set up the tent, so you need to prevent them from getting hurt.


The first thing you can do is to talk to your children beforehand, and talk to them a lot. Using the technique of positive reinforcement, explain what can happen if they touch a snake or spider, and tell them to keep away from other animals, too.

The other thing you’ll need to do to keep them safe is to engage them. There’s no need to ask them to help you put up the tent, because they won’t be able to do it, anyway. Instead, bring some toys for them or ask them to build a castle or whatever their (or your) imagination is up to at that moment. An engaged kid will not go astray, literally.

Additional camping equipment

  • First and foremost: bug spray – no matter where you are camping, you are going to thank me for reminding you to bring it.
  • Next, think of all possible weather situations, and make sure to bring an extra blanket or two, a raincoat and rubber boots, just in case. Of course, you should check the weather forecast, but unexpected events often happen, so it is best to be prepared. In order to avoid bringing winter jackets (unless it is snowing, which is not the weather for camping, anyway), you should think of clothing in layers, so if the weather changes drastically, you can either add or remove layers and your problem is solved.
  • You are also going to have to bring flashlights and a few packs of matches and lighters, to light up the fire, but this comes under the basic camping equipment domain as well.
  • Do not forget to bring a pair of night vision goggles. Your kids will love you for it! Not only will they stay up late, but also enjoy nature in its rawest form, observing what animals actually do during night (besides sleep).


As you can see, if you come prepared, there is nothing that can scare you off and make you regret the trip. Don’t forget to enjoy spending quality time with your little ones, and bring a camera to record those fun moments.

IMG_20140808_174447About the authorGabriella Diesendorf is a blogger and a devoted mother from Australia. She loves badgering about beauty, green lifestyle choices, and parenting techniques at Highstylife. If you mention attachment parenting or natural makeup she will bore you to death.

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