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A week ago, I moved from San Francisco to Miami. During this first week in my new home city, in between apartment and daycare searching, I discovered some real family-friendly jewels! And I am sure the city has a lot more, so I decided to create a new section on Nomad Bébé called “Insider,” where I will talk about my latest family-friendly finds in the city: restaurants, activities, parent’s retreats…. “Insider” will be the place where visitors as well as residents go to to discover the cool places to hang out with bébé(s) in Miami.

To get a more precise idea of “Insider,” keep reading! This post is the first one to appear in “Insider.” As I mentioned, I have been in Miami for ONE week, and to celebrate I decided to present you ONE kind of family-friendly Miami. All the places selected have been tested and approved by my little crew.

ONE Hotel – Aloft South Beach


This new addition on Miami Beach is perfectly family-friendly. Here’s why:

The Decor. The lobby looks like a modern living room with an industrial twist. No doubt the labyrinth of pipes on the ceiling and the flashy decor will attract bébé’s attention. The rooms feature the same bright and colorful feeling.alf3875lo.174808_xx

The Location.  A five-minute walk to the beach and two minutes to a park and library that offers free storytime. A Walgreens around the corner for all baby-needs shopping.

The Suites. They are perfect for families as they feature a large couch and dining table in the living room area and come with a reasonable price tag for the area of less than $400/night.

Other reasons to love Aloft South Beach: Free use of a microwave, which is great for heating up bébé’s meals. A pool filled with complimentary kids’ toy (noodles, inflatable balls, etc.), with a very large first step that is perfect for the little ones to sit in the water. Also, an on-site restaurant.

Location: 2360 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Fl 33139. Photos:

ONE Neighborhood – Wynwood

Wynwood and I fell in love at first sight. This neighborhood North of downtown Miami is a laboratory for craft everything: food, coffee, beer, art, clothing…. Wynwood is labeled as the local hipster neighborhood, but to me the feel is quite different than well-known hipster hubs like The Mission in San Francisco or Williamsburg in Brooklyn. The round-glasses-and-beard fellows aren’t flocking the streets here and the artsy feel is everywhere.

2015-10-11 17.21.36

Why is it Family Friendly? Wynwood is a great way to introduce art to your little ones. The streets are like an open art gallery. Almost all the walls of Wynwood are filled with colorful drawings and graffiti giving a grungy look to the place. There are also plenty of public seating areas, perfect for grabbing a bite and letting bébé wander around safely. Not to mention the amazing indoor multi-sensory center for kids — called Play-In — right in the middle of all the fun. (A complete family-friendly guide to Wynwood to come.)

ONE Store – Metta Loving Kindness

Metta Loving Kindness is all about colorful, stylish and elegant outfits and accessories for bébé (newborn to teens) and mama. All the pieces are hand-picked and most of them are artisan-made. They come from all around the globe — Marrakesh, Bali, Mexico — and will give you bohemian chic look.

Location: 1845 Purdy Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33139 or 200 Crandon Blvd, Key Biscayne, FL 33149.

ONE Park – Flamingo Park

Located in the heart of South Beach, this park is a family heaven. It has an enormous shaded playground with miniature climbing walls, three play structuresswings, a wood train and tons of benches. Right next to the playground, you will find a “play pool” for toddlers with a little water slide, mushroom fountains and different kinds of water jets. And as if you needed any more reasons to visit Flamingo park, you will also find large grassy areas, picnic tables and tennis courts.

Location: Between 15th & 11th Sts and Meridian Av. Free public parking, entrance on 11th St, Miami, FL.

ONE Bakery – Zak The Baker


Come here on a Sunday and you will find mostly families sitting around. Surrounded by fellow parents, you won’t need to worry about crowding the space with your strollers, running toddler or messy baby. Any of their tartines, bread loaves and the almond chocolate cookie are to die for. Location: 405 NW 26th St, Miami, FL 33127. Photos:

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