Family-Friendly Hot Spots In San Francisco: Hayes Valley, Pacific Heights, Haigth-Ashbury

These three neighborhoods in the middle of San Francisco will offer you surprising fun, quality shopping and tasty bites. Enjoy!



So chic! is the best way to describe Mudpie. This unique clothing, antiquities and toy store is really adorable. Love its country vintage feel! Most of the baby and toddler clothes come from France and carry this European “je ne sais quoi.” Location: 2185 Fillmore St, San Francisco, 94115. Phone: (415) 771-9262Photos via


Steven Alan

Smart & casual clothes for the entire family. Steven Alan became famous for his keen eye, able to spot designers on the rise. In 1999, he started his eponym brand, focusing on a modern reinterpretation of classics. We love it! His stores offer his own brand as well as other designers’. Location: 1919 Fillmore St, Pacific Heights, San Francisco. Phone: (415) 351-1499 and 445 Hayes St, Hayes Valley, SF. Phone: (415) 558-8944. Photos via


A charming, elegant toy store. Most of the items here come from France and are adorably European. Take a trip to this store and challenge yourself not to buy everything! Location:  858 Cole St, Haight Ashbury, San Francisco. Phone: (415) 504-6980. Photo: shoptantrum.comslideshow_1


415 Taco Bar

The large bench, joyful music and extended kids’ menu are the main perks of this place, making it definitely family friendly! For a perfect finish, head to Sift Dessert Bar, right around the corner. Location: 2401 California St (at Fillmore), San Francisco. Photo: Urban Daddy via

Photo: Urban Daddy via
Photo: Urban Daddy via

Sift Dessert Bar

Perfect for one of these days when you feel like indulging yourself with some sweets. This cute dessert bar features everything you can possibly think of: cupcakes, macaroons, cakes, pies, cookies, milkshakes, you name it! Location: 2411 California St, San Francisco, 94115. Photo:




You might wonder what’s kid-friendly about this place. Well, it’s not so much the place itself, but its location. The beer garden is located right next to a little park where you’ll find a gigantic spider net for bébé to climb. There is also a little patch of grass and a wood sculpture in the shape of a house that will for sure entertain your little one. The best way to enjoy your beer is to come with friends and take turns watching bébé, knowing that a cold beer will reward your hard parenting work. Location: 424 Octavia St, Hayes Valley, San Francisco, 94102. Phone: (415) 252-9289. Photos via the Facebook page of


Family Fun


San Francisco’s Japantown feels very authentic. Spread out on five acres, it offers plenty of typical shops, restaurants and fun activities. Most of them are located in Japan Center Mall. A large indoor labyrinth of funny shops and a super funky game store (see below.)You will have fun trying to win some stuffed animal for bébé and he will love getting a new toy. Toddlers will love the bunny shaped machine making all kinds of sounds.

photo 4

photo 5


“A well-being studio for kids and families.” What is that? Seesaw offers multiple classes to socialize, learn new languages and play with other kids. Drop-ins are welcome, making it a great stop for visiting parents looking for an hour of fun for bébé in an indoor play space. Location: 600A Octavia St, Hayes Valley, San Francisco, 94123. Phone: (415) 553-8070.




There are a couple of them around these neighborhoods. My faves are the one on the Panhandle and the little one by the beer garden in Hayes Valley. That one includes a big spider net and a gorgeous curved wood house.



Roam Burgers. Delicious artisanal burgers at a good price. We love the balanced kids’ menu, including House-made Soda, Organic Apple Juice or Organic Milk + a burger or grilled cheese + French fries or Carrots and Cucumber. Location: 1923 Fillmore Street, San Francisco. Phone: (415)-800-7801.

Crepes On Cole. A local mom’s favorite for meeting up. The place is extremely family-friendly and so is the food. Location: 100 Carl St, Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco, 94117. Phone: (415) 664-1800.

Haight Street Mamas. A super cool and fun mommy group that will help you meet local parents. To find the group’s weekly meetups and classes, go to their Facebook page.


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