A New BFF For Bébés On The Move


Nomad Bébé is always on the look out for little items to help you experience a maximum of fun and a minimum of stress during your trip. Our latest find is amazing! His name is Oliba, he looks like a little owl and he’ll very likely become Bébé’s BFF, especially when travelling. Oliba will also be a life changer for you.

Oliba complice du doudou

How often do you find yourself searching for Bébé’s lovey when travelling? Travel days are especially stressful and require extra attention. Between multiple taxi rides, check-in, airport security, the waiting room and the plane, occasions to loose your bébé’s cuddly toy are everywhere. Well, thanks to Oliba, that’s history.

Keep An Eye On New Discoveries, Not Bébé’s Lovey

Oliba PK 3

Oliba is a device that grips your bébé’s lovey and tracks it wherever you are! You simply communicate with Oliba via an app on your phone. It will alert you if the beloved plush is left behind over a 100 feet away. It will give you the GPS location where the cuddly toy was last seen and the time elapsed since then. All you need to do is follow the map to walk back to it. How cool is that? With Oliba, you won’t need to constantly keep an eye out for Bébé’s toy and instead, you will be able to focus more on discovering a new place.

Helps Sleep During Travel

Oliba at night 1

Sleeping in a new environment is not always easy for Bébé, so the more soothing items around him, the better. If needed, you can set Oliba as a nightlight, with or without a lullaby or soothing sounds such as white noise, soft pulsations or sea sounds. You can control Oliba  remotely from the app, choosing how long you want the light and music to stay on and whether or not to turn back on in the middle of the night, if needed. And if you’re out exploring a new place and don’t have a connection, no need to worry. You’ll still be able to put on some lullabies to help Bébé fall asleep in his stroller. Just push on Oliba to get him started.

Entertains Bébé


Oliba not only a tracks cuddly toys, it also turns them into wonderful travel buds for bébés.  Thanks to its “storytelling feature,” it will entertain them when needed in seconds. With the app, you will be able to pick a story in Oliba‘s library or record and play your own! Toddlers will love starting a story on their own by pressing on Oliba’s face or listening to Radio Pomme d’API, an online collection of stories and songs for kids of all ages.

Oliba PK 9

Would you like to get Oliba? It’s easy! Just go to the company’s Indiegogo Campaign Page to support the production of the device and pre-order one.

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