French Grannies Keep Bébé’s Head Warm


Winter travels often involve transitioning from nice cozy interiors to ice-cream-cold exteriors. Exploring a city with Bébé under these conditions requires some prep. On the list of must-haves, a hat is probably number one. “Wear your hat!” you remember your mama saying. Now you are in her shoes and the once-annoying chorus is your own — another one of those “talking like your mom” moments! Anyway, I have found the perfect gear to keep Bébé’s head warm — the Colette Hood.

2 in 1


Thanks to its “L” shape, the Colette Hood keeps Bébé’s ears and neck warm, fulfilling the roles of both hat and scarf at the same time. Since you don’t need to carry both, it gives you extra room in your bag and is one less thing to lose or forget. This makes the hood ideal travel gear for your bébé.

Thank you, Granny!


Mamy Factory a unique French clothing company, specializing in products hand-knitted by French Grannies. About fifty Grannies — between 60 and 91 years old — use their knitting knowledge and passion to craft sweaters, trousers and a variety of accessories for kids aged 0 to 6.

Easy To Carry

All the wool selected by Mamy Factory is especially light and resistant to tension, so no need to worry about transporting it in your handbag or at the bottom of your stroller. The Colette Hood will keep its shape, no matter what.

Soooo Cute


The Colette Hood is so adorable, Bébé will look like a children’s book character! The vintage-looking pattern is designed to fit all heads, thanks to its double line of buttons.

100% Cold Proof


The Colette Hood is made of 60 percent Alpaca and 40 percent wool, a combination able to trap in lots of warm air, insulating Bébé’s head from the cold.

Pair It

The “Joseph Slippers” or the “Celestine Boots” are both great matches with the Colette Hood to keep Bébé’s feet warm. The “Henri Sweater” and the “Philibert Vest” will also look great, if you need a sweater. As you might have figured by now, Mamy Factory‘s website is filled with wonders and really worth a look to find elegant cozy clothing for keeping your bébé warm this winter.

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