Family-Friendly Hot Spots In San Francisco: Richmond, Laurel Heights, the Presidio

Three Neighborhoods Full of Secret Addresses Just the Way We Like Them: Pretty, Modern and Original.


William the BeeKeeper

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A heart-stopper. This shop is one of my favorites in the entire city. Why? The discrete boutique, known only to locals, offers mainly locally-made items. For instance, you will find gorgeous handmade cashmere cardigans for Bébé and ethnic-looking bags that would make great diaper bags. A portion of sales goes back to the local community. Location: 55 Clement Street. Phone: (415) 881-8170.

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A modern and elegant place to shop for any piece of clothing from independent and established brands. There are couple of adorable items for Bébé, too (see the striped shirt in the picture). To help you shop in peace, Seedstore also has a few toys to keep Bébé entertained while you look around. Location: 212 Clement St. Phone: (415) 386-1600.

Family Fun


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Combine fun and function by getting Bébé a haircut when you come to San Francisco. This is not the typical kids’ hairdresser and instead, will offer your family a unique experience. PREP looks like a grown-up salon, but does not come with the grown-up prices! Cuts range from $12 to $55. To keep Bébé entertained during the haircut, PREP has installed iPads at each station with a large choice of cartoons. They can also organize birthday parties that include music, cupcakes and blowouts or up-dos for your little one and his friends. Location: 3235 Sacramento St. Phone: (415) 763-7737.

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Presidio Park

This is the second largest green patch in San Francisco, covering the northwest corner of the city. Walking around is the best way to enjoy the park and its breathtaking views of the ocean and the Golden Gate Bridge. My favorite walk with Bébé is along Crissy Field, an old airplane base redesigned as marshes and wild beaches. Lands End is another great walk, mainly for views of the water. You could catch some views of the bridge too, but it might involve a bit of stroller lifting; a baby carrier would be a better way to go.

The Ribbonerie2015-09-19 19.42.07

Trigger Bébé’s creativity in this place of wonder. Over one thousand ribbons of different colors, fabric and designs fill up this romantic retro store. A great place to get supplies for a craft project to work on at home or in your hotel on a rainy day. Location: 3695 Sacramento St. Phone: (415) 626-6184.

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6th Avenue Aquarium

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With its lines of bright blue fish tanks, this shop is a fun attraction when visiting Inner Richmond. Bébé will be amazed at the many different kinds of tropical fish in various shapes and colors. Location: 425 Clement St. Phone: (415) 668-7190.2015-09-20 18.44.25


Kitchen Istanbul7853b5_01a6a89d1a32492bbab10770ecb157a2

Turkish food is very appropriate for sharing, which makes it perfect for a family meal! To get started, order some Mezes (Middle Eastern appetizers) — zucchini fritters and the hummus, haydari, and muhammara with pita bread will most likely appeal to Bébé. For your entrée, opt for any of the kebabs (meat skewers), which are very easy to split up. Location: 349 Clement St. Phone: (415) 753-9479.

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The Warming Hut

A refuge at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge. On a summer day, enjoy juice and a cookie while seated on the terrace overlooking the most iconic monument of San Francisco. In winter, snuggle up with a hot chocolate at one of the indoor tables while trying to peek at the bridge through a window. Either way, Bébé will be happy looking at the toys in the little shop next door. Location: 983 Marine Dr. Phone: (415) 561-3042.

Toy Boat Dessert Café

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Just by its name, you can accurately guess that this place is a kids’ heaven. It serves all kinds of sweets — especially old-fashioned ice cream — in a toy-filled space. Most of the toys are just for looking at, dating from the ‘80s or even before — a great way to tell Bébé about some of your childhood memories! The only toy made for playing is a cool vintage riding horse. Location: 401 Clement St. Phone: (415) 751-7505.

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Walt Disney Museum. Location: 104 Montgomery St. Phone: (415) 345-6800.

Burma Superstar. Location: 309 Clement St. Phone: (415) 387-2147.

Playgrounds. Presidio Heights Playground at Laurel & Clay Streets / Rossi Playground at Arguello & Edward Streets.

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