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Charlotte Burgoyne, The nomad Maman – Founder of Nomad Bébé

I have a one year old daughter, Céleste, and would love to add four more brothers or sisters to the tribe. With such a plan friends and families often question my ability to keep living abroad, jumping from one country to the next every couple of years. But I firmly believe that it is doable. And anyway, I don’t think I have much of a choice.

I’ve simply found myself when I started living abroad. I was 21 when I left Paris for good with a Journalism diploma. Of all places, I settled down in the Syrian capital Damascus. I started working as a freelancer for divers French Media. I quickly fell in love with being surrounded by a new language, challenged by a different culture. It all made me feel more alive. Few years later, I was glad to find a like-minded husband in Sanaa, the capital of Yemen where I had moved. We both realized that we wanted the same lifestyle: living around the world with five kids.

Making chocolate with Céleste in Guatemala.

Three years later we were married and Celeste was born in San Francisco. In her first year of life, she travelled two times to Uruguay, and to Argentina, France, New York, Hawaii and around California. We plan to move to Asia in a near future. Our goal is two move every 2 to 4 years to a new country to try to expose our family to as many cultures and people as possible.

Our trips have not all been easy. In Celeste’s first year of life, we’ve taken her to Uruguay, Argentina, France, Hawaii, New York, and several trips around California. I will never forget this 9 hour night flight to Paris during which she slept 30minutes, the 4 hours of hysteric crying in California Wine Country or that night we had an unexpected 12 hours layover in Miami with a sick baby…

All these times I wished I had a source of information to refer to, to help me. But I could not find any. I had to gather and compare information from different websites. I never got a clear, helpful and practical answer on how to deal with jet lag, how to calm down a crying baby on a plane, how to find baby food where I go… I solved these problems when I faced them, and I would like to share my findings with you to help you in your travels. This is why Nomad Bébé was born.

 Sasha Fahimi, Editor and Writer

Mila Sasha
Sasha and her daughter Mila.

Sasha is a Bay Area transplant, having moved here for law school in 2001.  She grew up in Oregon, and spent her weekends in the mountains, at the beach, and camping all over her beautiful home state.  After law school, she lived in both New York City and Los Angeles, coming back to the Bay Area for a year in between, and finally settling here in 2010.  

She is a lawyer, writer, professional volunteer, and mother to a bouncy baby girl and a rescue pup, Norman.  She was bitten by the travel bug later in life, and managed to take a few epic vacations with her husband before they had their baby in 2014.  Determined not to let that stop them from continuing to see the world and to raise Mila to love traveling as much as they do, they’ve started small, with trips to Hawaii, Oregon, and San Diego, and will be going to Europe later this year.  

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