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Dear Nomad Families,

Your findings and advices are precious. Nomad Bébé welcomes and encourages you to tell us about any traveling tips, kid-friendly restaurant in Thailand or a great family activity in Morocco you think about. We would love to have you as a guest writers.

The “Just Kidding” section is made just for you to tell us about your traveling experience. We are looking for stories funny and instructive. I believe that other parents can learn a lot from your experience.

You can submit you stories idea, in a short pitch. Don’t forget to mention which section your article will fit in.

Send your pitch at contactnomadbebe@gmail.com or fill in the form below:

Thank you very much for stopping by, I hope to meet you soon.

Charlotte Burgoyne, the Nomad Maman, founder of Nomad Bébé.

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